Why take an Intensive Driving Course?

  • Pass much faster than with traditional weekly lessons
  • Cost effective. Intensive training means you pick things up quicker, that means less total hours required passing your test.
  • You build confidence. Being behind the wheel for longer periods helps you build real confidence in your ability.
  • Ideal if you need to be able to drive soon. Maybe you have a new job lined up and need a driving licence almost immediately, or want to pass during the summer holiday.

Intensive driving courses are becoming more and more popular and we have developed a range of courses to meet the needs of a wide variety of pupils, across a spectrum of driving abilities, confidence and budgets.

When you have traditional weekly driving lessons, your instructor has to take time at the beginning of each driving lesson to ensure you familiarise yourself again with things such as the controls of the vehicle, and where the previous lesson had ended in terms of progress.

This inevitably will eat into your available lesson time, and the cumulative effect, each week, is that you have less time actually driving the vehicle.

Finally, at the end of the lesson you will need to be debriefed, pointing out strengths and weaknesses and finally agreeing what you will be doing in your subsequent driving lesson.

Compare this to one of our intensive driving lessons, where typically you are out driving for four to five hours, meaning you only have to do this once at the beginning and once at the end of the days driving course.

In addition, an intensive lesson means you don’t have any significant time gap between lessons. You are out driving again the following day, with minimal time to forget what you have learnt on the previous day.

If you want to pass your driving test quickly and cost effectively, an intensive crash course is by far the best way to learn to drive.

We also offer residential crash courses for pupils who live outside our direct teaching area.